What Is A Mini-facelift?

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The trend in facial aesthetic surgery is toward less invasive procedures with quicker recovery like a mini facelift. Rather than waiting until their sixties and having a major rejuvenation, patients are thinking along the lines of maintenance and having lesser procedures in their thirties, forties and fifties. Injectables and non-surgical skin treatments however only go so far. Laxity of the facial structures is a key factor in facial aging and the only way to reverse these changes is with a lift. Patients are getting wonderful long lasting results with Cheeklifts and Mini Facelifts which have shorter scars and quicker recovery with less bruising and swelling.

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The key to a successful minifacelift is a thorough understanding of the changes of the facial structures that occur over time. Dr. Murphy understands these changes and can help you make the right decision. Yes, the skin develops some laxity, but the deeper structures of the neck and cheek are more affected by gravity, and the key to more natural long-lasting results with a minifacelift is in the treatment of these areas. Through shorter incisions around the ear these layers are gently repositioned along with removal of lax skin. The malar (cheek) fat pad is put back where it used to be to give a more youthful curve along the cheek bone and the lax muscle of the neck is resuspended to reestablish the jawline. With meticulous suturing techniques the scars are typically barely noticeable along the natural curvatures of the ear.

These less invasive facial procedures are sometimes combined with mini eyelid tucks or permanent fillers such as fat grafting to reestablish a youthful look. We all lose the natural fillers of the face over time and adding some back in is an important part of looking younger. Many patients will have a light to moderate depth laser peel at the same time to remove some fine lines or pigment spots and blemishes. These additional procedures can “tweak” the results and don’t add much cost or time to the recovery.

Minifacelifts typically take less than a couple hours and are done as an outpatient under light sedation, or even in some patients only local anesthesia. Recovery is limited by swelling and bruising though most patients are “Public Ready” in less than a week and “Camera Ready” in less than a month. Patients are encouraged to go for a walk within 24 to 48 hours and are ready to return to the gym in just over a week.

A thorough personalized consultation is the key to determining which procedure is best for you. It takes about 45 minutes. Learn more about Murphy Plastic Surgery’s Mini-Facelift Procedures ».

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