These days, aging gracefully is a matter of choice. With advancements in surgical and nonsurgical aesthetics, people have more control over the aging process than ever before. But among the available anti-aging options, facelift or face lift surgery remains the gold standard for firming, lifting, and smoothing the contours of the lower face and neck.

People seeking facelifts in the Denver metro area trust Englewood plastic surgeon Dr. Terrence Murphy for beautiful, natural-looking results. He tailors your facelift to refine your innate beauty while preserving what makes you unique. The key to a successful facelift lies in Dr. Murphy’s thorough understanding of how the tissues of the face change over time.  We know that a large part of the aging process takes place in the fibrous layer under the skin including fat pads. With a Dual Plane Bi-Directional approach Dr. Murphy addreses the Deep Plane of the face in all of the types of face/cheek lifts he performs leading to a more natural looking, long-lasting result.

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Are You a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Ideal candidates are in good overall health with realistic expectations about the enhancements plastic surgery can provide. There’s no “right” age for a facelift; what matters is your individual aging process, how you feel, and what you want to achieve with the surgery.

Why Choose Murphy Plastic Surgery for Your Facelift?

Dr. Murphy’s expertise and meticulous approach achieve remarkable yet natural-looking results. With over 30 years of distinguished experience, he’s renowned for merging proven methods with innovative techniques and blending artistry with surgical precision.

Facelift Benefits

Here’s what you can look forward to after your facelift at Murphy Plastic Surgery:

  • Firmer, smoother skin
  • Enhanced chin and jawline definition
  • Sleeker neck contour
  • A more youthful face shape
  • Long-lasting results

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Alexis was amazing. She was knowledgeable, friendly and honest. I love this place!
I wish I could give 1000 stars for this amazing team! Dr. Murphy is an incredible and caring Surgeon!...
Alexis is amazing!!!
This man and his staff LITERALLY saved/changed my life for the better. This will be short because I...

Your Facelift Procedure

The path to a successful facelift involves several key stages:

Consultation & Preparation

The process begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Murphy, when you’ll discuss your goals and review your medical history. Pre-surgery guidelines may include pausing certain medications or supplements, quitting smoking, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as your surgery approaches.

The Procedure

The procedure takes 2 to 5 hours and is typically performed using intravenous sedation with a local anesthetic.

Dr. Murphy’s 2-layer technique tightens and suspends the deep structures of the face before re-draping the skin, creating beautiful, natural-looking results. Beyond tightening the skin, he enhances its texture and quality, meticulously smoothing wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful complexion.

Incisions are made strategically, hidden along the hairline and in natural folds to minimize scarring. As you heal, these incision lines will become fainter and nearly undetectable.

Most patients choose to return home after surgery, but you may stay overnight in the hospital. We’ll provide detailed aftercare instructions to guide your recovery.

Recovery & Healing

The recovery process varies by individual, but most patients return to their usual activities within 2 to 4 weeks. During the initial weeks, some swelling and bruising are normal and subside gradually, with complete healing taking a few months.

Facelift results often last a decade or longer. A healthy lifestyle and vigilant sun protection coupled with medical-grade skincare will help you maintain your rejuvenated appearance.

Dr. Murphy
Dr. Murphy

Triple Board-Certified Plastic SurgeonDr. Terrence Murphy

Englewood plastic surgeon Dr. Terrence Murphy has been recognized as a top doctor by his peers and is trusted as an authority by the media for his insights on aesthetic surgery. With a conservative hand and a keen aesthetic eye, he achieves natural-looking yet transformative results, blending the best of established and new techniques. His triple board certification underscores his commitment to excellence.

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Combining a Facelift With Other Procedures

While a facelift effectively targets the lower face, it doesn’t address other areas that may contribute to an aged or tired appearance. Combining procedures, such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or a brow lift, can rejuvenate the entire face. Dr. Murphy can customize a treatment plan that aligns with your aesthetic goals for a natural and harmonious transformation.

VECTRA® 3D Imaging System

We offer VECTRA 3D imaging as an innovative tool for visualizing the potential of your plastic surgery transformation and empowering you to communicate your aesthetic goals more effectively. VECTRA’s advanced technology captures multiple high-resolution images of your appearance before surgery. Then, it creates detailed 3D simulations of how you might look after surgery. These images can showcase various surgical options and angles, allowing you to see highly accurate representations of your surgical results. The process takes only a few minutes, so you can review and discuss your results with Dr. Murphy during your consultation to make the most informed decisions about your treatment.  

Dr. Murphy

Trust Murphy Plastic Surgery for Your Facelift

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