What Are the Different Types of Restylane Used for?

As you age, your face begins to exhibit the signs of aging, and you may start to feel less and less like your younger self. If you want to restore your youthful glow, we can help. At Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO, we offer Restylane, an esteemed brand of dermal fillers that uses a smooth gel made of hyaluronic acid to smooth, lift, and define different parts of the face. There is a way to look and feel like your younger self again, and we’ll help you get there.

What Are the Different Types of Restylane Used For?

Restylane is a brand of dermal fillers specifically designed to treat and target different areas of the face. They have designed different formulations that can both target and treat the signs of aging and enhance and correct facial features to help create improved proportions so that you can reach all of your aesthetic goals.

The different filler formulations from this collection can augment the lips, correct aesthetic imperfections on and around the lips, smooth lines on the back of the hands, correct nasolabial folds, smooth laugh lines, improve the chin profile and projection, and contour the cheeks. The entire collection consists of the following fillers:

  • Kysse
  • Silk
  • Refyne
  • Defyne
  • Contour
  • Restylane

Our Dermal Fillers

At Murphy Plastic Surgery, we offer several fillers from different brands, including three incredibly effective dermal fillers from this esteemed collection. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your lips, lift your cheeks, or smooth facial lines and folds, we offer the three formulations from this collection that can do exactly that. We can design a treatment plan for you that includes treatment with one or more of these fillers based on your needs.


The original filler from this collection can smooth the facial lines and folds that form around the mouth. These lines vary in severity among patients based on their genetic predisposition to aging and their age at the time of treatment. However, this filler can provide you with the perfect solution, whether you suffer from light, moderate, or more severe lines around the mouth. It can treat:

  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Smile lines that run from the nose to the mouth
  • Lines that run from the mouth to the chin

Once you undergo this treatment, you can expect your results to last up to 18 months total. After you receive treatment, you won’t have to live with smile lines, marionette lines, or nasolabial folds for well over a calendar year. Once you begin to notice the slow and gradual return of those smile lines as your body metabolizes the filler formulation, you can schedule a follow-up treatment at our office for another injection that can help you maintain your results long-term.


Silk is a popular and effective formulation from this collection that is FDA-approved to enhance the lips. An injection into the lips with Silk will augment the upper, lower, or both of the lips and, in doing so, won’t just increase their size but will help smooth lip lines on and around the mouth. This particular filler is known for its ability to deliver beautiful and natural-looking results and can be used to enhance the lips of patients over the age of 21.

The best candidates for this dermal filler are patients whose lips have thinned due to aging, those with aesthetic imperfections on their lips, or those who just want to augment their lips but also want the most natural-looking results possible.

What It Treats

This filler effectively creates the most aesthetically pleasing lips by addressing the profile projection, the lip-to-eye relationship, lip fullness, and cupid’s bow definition. Results are immediate and will continue to improve in the week following the treatment process. Post-treatment, you can expect your results to last up to six months based on how quickly your body metabolizes the product.


Volume loss is one of the primary ways aging affects the face. As you age, you lose volume in your mid-facial region, which can make you look older and tired. This particular dermal filler from the Restylane collection can lift and contour the cheeks and address smile lines.

Whether you have lighter or more severe smile lines that have been caused by sagging or drooping cheeks, this particular filler can not only smooth those lines but restore vibrancy to your face by lifting the cheeks.

What It Treats

Injections in the cheek will improve the facial profile and will help re-shape the area to improve your facial proportions. This filler will last up to six months when used to smooth nasolabial folds. When used to add volume to the cheeks, it will last up to 12 months. You can use it to treat your cheeks, nasolabial folds, or both. One of our experienced injectors will design the right treatment plan for you to help you reach all of your aesthetic and anti-aging goals.

All About This Collection

Each of these fillers is made of a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance your body produces naturally to maintain hydrated, youthful skin. As you age, your body produces less of this important substance, and your skin suffers as a result.

These fillers use a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid to restore hydration and fullness just below the skin’s surface. The treatment process is minimally invasive, but the results are proven, and post-treatment, you will see results. These dermal fillers are known for their ability to deliver natural-looking results that last for an extended period of time.

How Long Does It Take To See Improvements Post-Treatment?

You will see an immediate improvement in your treatment areas after receiving one of these injections. You can expect to see immediate enhancement and volume, but your final results will not appear until a week after your treatment.

The fillers need time to blend and settle below the skin’s surface, so know that your initial results will not be your final results. One of our injectors can provide you with more details about what kind of results you can expect after your treatment process.

How Long Will My Results Last?

All of these dermal fillers deliver long-lasting results. The total length of your results will vary based on the area you choose to treat. Highly mobile areas like the lips and the area around the mouth often require follow-up treatment sooner than areas like the cheeks.

It all depends on the rate at which the body metabolizes the product. You can rest assured that when you choose a filler from this collection, you will be able to enjoy your results for a significant amount of time.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients only need one treatment to achieve their desired results, but it all depends on your specific problem areas. An initial consultation with an experienced injector can help determine what your particular treatment process will look like. Once you begin this treatment process, you must commit to follow-up treatments if you want to maintain your results.

Even though these treatments will be few and far between, they will help you maintain your results indefinitely so that you can live free of the signs of aging and enjoy enhanced features for as long as possible.

Will I Look Natural Post-Treatment?

The Restylane collection of dermal fillers is known for its ability to deliver some of the most natural-looking results. This fact, combined with the experience and skills of our injectors, will help you rest assured that you will receive beautiful post-treatment results. If you’ve never experienced treatment with a dermal filler before, you can speak with an injector during your initial consultation to find out more about the type of results you can expect.

Are Fillers Right for Me?

Choosing to begin treatment with one or more dermal fillers is a very personal decision. If your products are not smoothing your lines and wrinkles like they used to, and you’re noticing moderate to severe lines around the mouth, or your lips and your cheeks have lost that youthful fullness, you may be a good candidate for one of these fillers.

We can create a comprehensive treatment plan for you that includes one or more of the fillers from this collection to help you address all of your areas of concern.

Restore Your Glow

There is a safe, quick, and effective way to target the signs of aging, enhance your features, and increase your confidence. Contact us today at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO, to schedule your initial consultation.

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