What Are the Anti-Aging Benefits of BOTOX Injections?

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Anti-aging is a big deal, especially here in the United States. No one dreams of getting wrinkles, and once we start seeing them pop up on our face and neck, we want them gone. The sole cosmetic treatment that temporarily conceals wrinkles and frown lines is the number one injectable. BOTOX® injections are used in more than 80 countries globally, and new studies show that there are long-term benefits associated with the super serum. If there’s one cosmetic treatment that delivers natural, youthful results, this is it.

Simple, Safe, No Downtime

What makes BOTOX® so appealing is its one focus to smooth away wrinkles and frown lines. It performs exactly as advertised on all skin tones and skin types. There’s no surgery or recovery involved, and the quick procedure takes only about 10 to 15 minutes to undergo. Then, you can return to your normal day of activity.

BOTOX® injections can be placed between the eyebrows to tame the “elevens” frown lines. It can also be placed into the horizontal forehead lines, under the eyes at the tear trough and at the outer eye or crow’s feet. The anti-aging serum can also be administered into other areas of the face by a skilled aesthetic technician.

Benefits Beyond Temporary

New studies are showing some interesting anti-aging benefits that BOTOX® injections can deliver in the long run. For instance, researchers in Canada have discovered that the injectable can possibly spur the fibroblasts (skin cells) to respond by creating more collagen and elastin. Those two substances are essential for the skin’s structure and firmness. That means that while a person has BOTOX® in their system, the skin behaves younger and not like who one has UV exposure or general aging.

In addition, this research has discovered that the incredible serum could also prevent the formation of wrinkles. That is why younger people like Millennials have started going for treatments in their 20s. They want to avoid developing wrinkles and are using it as a preventative treatment.

Baby Boomers or older people have BOTOX® injections to repair their wrinkles and frown lines. Long-term use of the serum also shows encouraging news. Wrinkle depth decreases when injected with the powerful drug.

Skin care experts would agree that there is nothing else quite like BOTOX® on the planet. Not only does it superbly hide those annoying wrinkles and frown lines we all develop, but it appears to give us better quality, and younger-acting skin if we keep using it.

If you’re excited to try BOTOX®, it’s important to choose knowledgeable technicians. Here at Murphy Plastic Surgery, our friendly team of experts at our Englewood location are master injectors. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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