Things to Know About a Facelift in Denver

Do you still feel youthful and agile, but age seems to be getting in the way of your appearance and experience? At a certain age, you may start developing wrinkles and your facial skin may begin to droop. You cannot stop time, but you can most certainly stop its effects by simply getting a facelift in Denver.

How is a Facelift Done?

At Murphy Plastic Surgery, facelifts are carried out to rejuvenate and revitalize a person’s identity. This treatment helps to combat the effects of aging and ultimately brings out the natural look you have always wanted. Dr. Murphy can perform the procedure by suspending and tightening deep structures of your skin and then re-draping them. The facelift improves the appearance of your facial area by re-establishing the skin, fats, and muscle that were initially sagging.

Recovery Process 

After undergoing the facelift treatment, the next step that follows is the recovery process, which occurs in different phases. During the first phase, for example, you are required to have as much rest as possible. Not bed rest per say but just taking a break from any strenuous activity. You will notice the significant progress of the recovery in the later phases.

Getting Started

A facelift in Denver is an opportunity to regain your youthful appearance. Since your face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, make sure you consult a reputable physician like Dr. Murphy. For more information on this treatment and other related questions, you can schedule your initial consultation with us at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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