Rhinoplasty Appointments: Let’s Talk Nose

Murphy Plastic Surgery

Success in rhinoplasty surgery greatly depends on pre-operative planning.  Once a patient schedules their nose procedure, they will typically visit with Dr. Murphy prior to surgery. During the consultation Dr. Murphy discusses the patient’s goals and desires in great detail to ensure they are on the same page. Our practice makes it a priority to understand the patient’s medical history because it’s important to note if they have had a previous injury or previous nasal surgery.  A thorough physical examination helps Dr. Murphy understand each patient’s internal and external anatomy.  Once all information is gathered, a carefully determined plan is discussed with the patient.

During a second visit, Dr. Murphy works one-on-one with the patient in front of the computer using his digital-imaging software. This gives the patient the opportunity to interact with Dr. Murphy as he demonstrates the improvements that can be achieved through surgery.  Many physicians delegate this task to another staff member but Dr. Murphy is confident that the patient will receive the best possible result if he does it himself. The imaging technology enhances the patient’s understanding of their anatomy, the surgery itself, and any surgical limitations.

Because Dr. Murphy has extensive experience and training in nasal surgery, he is able use advanced and current techniques to the table.  His surgical plan includes whether an external incision is necessary. While internal incisions (also known as a “closed rhinoplasty”) can be more technical and demanding than external incisions (also known as an “open rhinoplasty”), Dr. Murphy is very comfortable with this technique which avoids an external scar and prolonged healing time. The final visit prior to surgery is better known as the “pre-op appointment,” where the patient will meet with the nurse, review aftercare instructions and consents, receive prescriptions, and take ‘before’ photos which will aid Dr. Murphy during the procedure.

There are many reasons to choose Murphy Plastic Surgery for your upcoming nose procedure. Here is a list of just a few reasons why we think Dr. Murphy is the best plastic surgeon in Denver.

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