Protect From Sun Damage with EltaMD Products

It is well-known that ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a major cause of skin cancer. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is also a major cause of wrinkles, lines, creases, aging spots, and an uneven complexion. It is important to protect the skin from sun damage every day, and not just on hot, sunny days; ultraviolet radiation is also present on cloudy, cold days. The EltaMD™ line of skin protection products can help keep your skin safe, blemish-free, and fresh.

The Technology

EltaMD™ products were developed by a trained, experienced dermatologist. This line of sun protection products protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. UVA radiation penetrates deeply into the skin, damaging cells and disrupting collagen, leading to wrinkles, alterations in pigments, and inducing skin cancers. UVB radiation only affects the surface of the skin, causing sunburns and increasing the risk of skin cancers, including melanoma.

Unlike most sunscreens that rely on chemicals that can break down over time and may be potentially damaging to the environment, EltaMD™ products rely on a simple, natural mineral, zinc oxide. Zinc oxide reflects all sunlight away from the skin, providing complete protection. Zinc oxide has been shown to be one of the most effective broad-spectrum UV protective agents, and unlike the ugly white zinc oxide pastes of the past, EltaMD™ products are not only not white, but they also provide other benefits to the skin, such as moisturizing and plumping effects.

The Line

EltaMD™ provides a number of different sun protection products to meet every individual’s needs. The line varies in levels of skin protection from SPF 30 to SPF 45, which can provide protection from the sun for up to 80 minutes and is waterproof for those who want to enjoy water sports without the painful sunburns. In general, the products can be separated into full-body and facial products. The products intended for the face will not trigger acne outbreaks and most offer moisturizing and plumping effects with additional ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid.

Some of the facial products are transparent while others have a light tint in them so they can be used as a B & B, the only facial lotion you need, moisturizing, covering blemishes and smoothing out the skin tone while simultaneously providing full-spectrum protection against the sun. The body products will also not trigger acne and come in lotions or sprays. None of the EltaMD™ products contain fragrances that can trigger allergies and migraines.

EltaMD™ products offered by Murphy Plastic Surgery are formulated to keep your skin in tip-top shape by a dermatologist. At our office in Englewood, CO, we pride ourselves in giving our patients the best and most thorough possible case. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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