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Dr. Terrence Murphy, of Murphy Plastic Surgery Discusses the Benefits to Women Who Choose This New Breast Implant Option

Denver, CO, October 6, 2015 – Murphy Plastic Surgery now offers Natrelle INSPIRA™ round gel-filled breast implants to women seeking breast reconstruction, augmentation or revision surgery.1 Allergan’s Natrelle INSPIRA™ round, gel-filled breast implants—first introduced in Canada in 20112 and now FDA-approved for breast augmentation, revision and reconstructive surgery in the United States1—are designed for women who are interested in an increased breast fullness.

Natrelle INSPIRA™ breast implants are fuller than Allergan’s other currently available round, gel-filled breast implants. In a survey of 111 women comparing the look of Natrelle INSPIRA™ and Natrelle® current round gel implants outside of the body, 75 percent of women surveyed preferred the look of Natrelle INSPIRA™ breast implants.Among clinical trial patients in studies with Natrelle® brand gel-filled implants, surveyed 10 years post-augmentation or reconstruction surgery, more than 90 percent of patients reported high satisfaction with their Natrelle® breast implants.4

These implants represent a new option in aesthetic and reconstructive breast implant surgery in the United States. The addition of these implants to the existing Natrelle® family of breast implants allows surgeons to further tailor their surgical approach to each patient’s individual needs based on her desired look and individual size and dimensions.

This implant provides a fuller option to the millions of women who have aging saline or silicone breast implants. Additionally, the Natrelle INSPIRA™ breast implants provide women seeking breast augmentation the option of fullness in breast shaping that can becomelost after pregnancy.6

Because body type and breast goals are personal from woman to woman, it’s important for her to choose breast implants under the guidance of an experienced surgeon. Talk to your surgeon about Natrelle INSPIRA™ breast implants and discuss the results you want to achieve with treatment, as well as the precautions and risks.

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NATRELLE INSPIRA™ Gel-Filled Breast Implants Important Information

Who may get breast implants (INDICATIONS)?

NATRELLE INSPIRA™ Gel-Filled Breast Implants are indicated for women for the following:

Breast augmentation for women at least 22 years old for silicone-filled implants. Breast augmentation includes primary breast augmentation to increase breast size, as well as revision surgery to correct or improve the result of a primary breast augmentation surgery.

Breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction includes primary reconstruction to replace breast tissue that has been removed due to cancer or trauma or that has failed to develop properly due to a severe breast abnormality. Breast reconstruction also includes revision surgery to correct or improve the result of a primary breast reconstruction surgery.


Who should NOT get breast implants (CONTRAINDICATIONS)?

  • Women with active infection anywhere in their body.
  • Women with existing cancer or pre-cancer of their breast who have not received adequate treatment for those conditions.
  • Women who are currently pregnant or nursing.

What else should I consider (WARNINGS)?

  • Breast implants are not lifetime devices, and not necessarily a one-time surgery.
  • Many of the changes to your breasts following implantation cannot be undone. If you later choose to have your implant(s) removed and not replaced, you may experience unacceptable dimpling, puckering, wrinkling, or other cosmetic changes of the breast, which may be permanent.
  • Breast implants may affect your ability to breastfeed, either by reducing or eliminating milk production.
  • Rupture of a silicone-filled breast implant is most often silent and may not be detected by you or your doctor. You should have an MRI 3 years after your surgery and then every 2 years after that for as long as you have your breast implants to determine if rupture is present. If implant rupture is noted on an MRI, you should have the implant removed, with or without replacement.
  • With breast implants, a routine screening mammography and self-examinations for breast cancer will be more difficult. Ask your doctor to help you distinguish the implant from your breast tissue. Symptoms of a ruptured implant may be hard knots or lumps surrounding the implant or in the armpit, change or loss of size or shape of the breast or implant, pain, tingling, swelling, numbness, burning or hardening. Tell your doctor of these symptoms and remove ruptured implants.
  • Inform any other doctor who treats you of the presence of your implants to minimize the risk of damage to the implants.

What types of conditions require more study (PRECAUTIONS)?

Caution: Notify your doctor if you have any of the following conditions, as the risks of breast implant surgery may be higher:

  • Autoimmune diseases (for example, lupus and scleroderma).
  • A weakened immune system (for example, currently taking drugs that weaken the body’s natural resistance to disease).
  • Planned chemotherapy following breast implant placement.
  • Planned radiation therapy to the breast following breast implant placement.
  • Conditions that interfere with wound healing and blood clotting.
  • Reduced blood supply to breast tissue.
  • Clinical diagnosis of depression or other mental health disorders, including body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders. Please discuss any history of mental health disorders with your surgeon prior to surgery. Patients with a diagnosis of depression or other mental health disorders should wait for resolution or stabilization of these conditions prior to undergoing breast implantation surgery.

What are some complications with breast implants (COMPLICATIONS)?

Key complications are reoperation, implant removal with or without replacement, implant rupture with silicone-filled implants, implant deflation with saline-filled implants, and severe capsular contracture (severe scar tissue around the implant). Other complications include asymmetry, nipple/breast/skin sensation changes, scarring or wrinkling/rippling. Talk to your doctor about other complications.

Talk to your doctor. For more information see the Patient Brochures at or call the Allergan Product Support line at 1- 800-433-8871.

To report a problem with NATRELLE INSPIRA™ Gel-Filled Breast Implants, please call

Allergan Product Surveillance at 1-800-624-4261.

NATRELLE INSPIRA™ Gel-Filled Breast Implants are available by prescription only.

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