Mini Facelift vs Facelift: What is the Difference?

mini facelift is a more lightweight procedure than a facelift with a shorter and easier recovery period. This procedure is often referred to colloquially as a weekend facelift, implying the length of recovery time. A mini facelift requires the creation of smaller openings than a regular facelift. Once these openings are made, the skin around the cheeks is lifted. A full facelift requires the entire facial region to be lifted.

The results of a mini facelift are much more subtle than with a full facelift. The procedure is designed for moderate to mild skin laxity of the jowls and neck. A mini face lift will not provide the neck with more than a subtle lift or eliminate prominent jowls. Despite some of the limitations of a mini face lift, it has become increasingly popular due to the numerous benefits. One of the best benefits is the shortness of the recovery period. A lot of people heal so well they are able to go back to work in a mere matter of days. This is an important consideration regarding the choice between mini facelift vs facelift.

The mini facelift requires shorter incisions, so any scarring is smaller and less visible. This procedure is also performed to a patient’s utmost comfort as it takes little more than an hour and uses a combination of local anesthetic and intravenous sedation.

The causes of facial aging are manifold and varied; among them are gravity, smoking, muscle activity, sun damage, and genetics. We will take any pertinent factors into account to provide you the very best results. Natural loss of collagen and fat beneath the skin can also contribute to an aged appearance, and we will discuss all elements during your consultation.

If you have been slim for your entire life, there may be much less loose skin around your jaw and neck. Collagen lost through the aging process is responsible for skin laxity. This being said, if you are thin you may have less fatty deposits on your neck and face. This is because there is less subcutaneous fat placing stress on your skin. This often helps mitigate the effect of gravity. You must decide if you are willing to take additional time off work to have a full facelift or if you will be happy with a subtler mini facelift.

It is extremely important to to have realistic expectations when debating the mini facelift vs facelift question. If you believe a facelift or mini facelift would be the best route for you, please feel free to reach out and make an appointment at Murphy Plastic Surgery! At our convenient location in Englewood by Denver, our dedicated staff of professionals will be happy to explain the differences between these procedures, address any questions and concerns you may have, and help you decide which one is right for you. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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