List of Criteria for Reputable Plastic Surgeons in Colorado

Plastic surgery can be a very helpful process whether you need it after an injury or to improve your appearance. You will either live with the results the rest of your life or spend more time and money correcting a bad job. When looking into your options regarding plastic surgeons in Colorado, there are some things you should consider.

Board Certification

Plastic surgeons need special training in the procedures they offer, especially in cosmetic surgery. The right certification proves that the surgeon is properly trained and has experience in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Murphy at Murphy Plastic Surgery takes it a step further, as he is a triple board-certified physician!

Experience in the Procedure You Need

There are many areas of plastic surgery. From facial surgery to mommy makeovers, each procedure requires unique skills. Operating on a face is different from a breast lift, for example. Whatever procedure you need, always ask the plastic surgeons in Colorado about their experience in performing that particular surgery. You may ask how the surgeon trained, how many years of experience they have and how many times they have performed the procedure.

The Surgeon and Staff

When you enter a doctor’s office, you will be received in a certain way and either feel comfortable or uncomfortable. Since you will trust the surgeon with your safety and appearance, it’s important to feel relaxed and happy with the way you are treated by the surgeon and staff.

When you visit our triple board-certified plastic surgeon at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO, you’ll be greeted by friendly and helpful professionals in the field of plastic surgery. Whether you live in Denver, CO or the surrounding area, contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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