Kybella and Options for your Neck

Murphy Plastic Surgery

“I can’t stand my neck.”

“I have a double chin.”

             “I have a turkey gobbler.”

“I am starting to look like my mother.”

                                                                                                      “I am starting to look like my father.”

“I am afraid I am going to look like Great Aunt Hildi.”

We hear these kinds of things every day at Murphy Plastic Surgery and through careful assessment and the appropriate choice of surgical or nonsurgical treatment we are ready to help.

Necks are complicated. They are made up of multiple layers including skin, fat and various muscles. Some patients will have laxity of either just the skin or a combination of skin and the underlying muscle. They may have “banding” of the platysma muscle. Surgical correction of these issues will likely be necessary. Dr. Murphy has vast experience with different kinds of procedures such as facelifts or perhaps a mini-facelift or even a cheek-lift depending on the location and extent of the laxity. On a select group of patients just addressing the neck with a particular kind of neck lift may be adequate. Careful assessment through a consultation will help sort out the options.

Many younger patients will complain of a double chin or just fullness in the area directly beneath the chin in the “sub-mental triangle” which is bordered by the mandible. They will typically have good elasticity of the overlying skin. Although in many of these patients liposuction is a good option. We have a new injectable treatment, Kybella, which is very exciting. No anesthesia is required and the injections are almost painless. FDA Approved Kybella will dissolve away the fat beneath your skin over the next few weeks. Kybella has proven to be safe and effective in the treatment of excess fat in the upper neck.

Before and after photos of real Kybella patients.

Please call today to arrange a consultation with our nurses to have your neck assessed to see if Kybella is for you.

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