Keys to a Successful Breast Augmentation

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The careful choice of breast implants remains the key to patient satisfaction after a breast augmentation. During a thorough consultation we spend a significant length of time assessing each patient’s desires as far as the result they wish to attain, and we link that to their ultimate choice of size and shape of implant.

Perfect Implant Size

Breast implant size continues to be the most important decision made prior to surgery. There are many ways to help a patient determine the perfect breast implant size to best help them reach their goal. The use of implant sizers in a sizer bra gives the patient a real life look at how certain implant sizes will look like on them with and without clothes. We encourage patients to take sizers home for a weekend to try them with various clothing choices. As you look at follow up studies for breast augmentation, one of the most common reasons for re-operation is to change size. We find that careful sizing prior to surgery keeps this to a minimum.

Breast Implant Shape

Implant “fit” or shape is almost as important as size when it comes to reaching the desires of the patient, and we measure the shape of each patient’s breast to help advise them as to which implant profile is best for them. Implants now come in a myriad variety of shapes and profiles.  There are round and anatomic (or teardrop) shapes implants. Each of those choices come in different widths, heights and projections. It is important that the implant chosen gives good medial fullness (cleavage) without being too wide under the arm. Round implants tend to give a more rounded, fuller upper pole while teardrop shaped implants give a more tapering upper pole look. The great thing about the implant choices available to surgeons today is that they help us to more accurately meet the specific goals of each patient.

Before the Surgery

A breast augmentation is more than a careful surgical exercise. Yes, a meticulous approach to the operation is important, but the key to real success lies in careful decision making prior to the surgery. That is why we devote a lot of energy and time to each patient during a thoughtful and complete consultation during which many of these decisions are made. They are then confirmed during a separate, thorough preoperative appointment. As with most things, for a breast augmentation the keys to success lie in the details.

Additional Resources

If you are considering undergoing a breast augmentation, we welcome you to schedule a private consultation by contacting us. For more information on breast implant size and proportions, please read our article “Size & Proportion: Breast Augmentation.” For additional information on our breast augmentation service, please visit our Breast Augmentation page. To view images of some of our happy patients, please view our Breast Augmentation Before and After photo gallery. And lastly, if you have other questions about breast augmentation, like saline vs. silicone implants or breast implant risks, please reference our FAQ page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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