How Soon Does Radiesse Show Results?

What’s your most troublesome age-related concern? For most people, the biggest symptom of age-related skin conditions is a loss of skin volume, which has cleared the path for fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity to form, and the more severe these issues are, the more difficult they are to treat. The experts at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO use dermal fillers such as Radiesse Denver as a solution for the age-related woes of everyone in the Denver, CO area.

How Soon Does Radiesse Show Results?

The lovely thing about dermal fillers is that most of them produce instant, same-day results, and Radiesse is no exception. On the day of your appointment, you will likely notice an immediate improvement in the volume of your skin, which will smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, most patients feel like they look younger within hours of their treatment.

However, while these initial results are certainly exciting, it’s important to remember that they are only a glimpse of what your final results will be.

What’s the Difference Between Initial Results and Full Results?

Some patients are alarmed to notice that their instant results seem to deflate a few days after their initial treatment. This is largely due to the fact that the water component of your dermal filler will be absorbed by the skin, which will make it seem like your results are fading. But this isn’t a cause for concern – about half the potency of your initial results will remain while your body begins to process and metabolize the filler.

Your full results will generally be visible within one week of your treatment. The difference between your initial results and your full results is the fact that your full results will consist of both the gel-like consistency of the dermal filler, as well as your body’s own natural production of collagen within the sub-dermal layers of your skin. In fact, one of the reasons this dermal filler is so special is the fact that the stimulation of collagen production is so quick – and overall, patients only need to wait seven to ten days before they can enjoy optimal results.

Does This Treatment Get Better With Time?

Interestingly, it’s possible that your results will continue to improve even after the full results are evident. The main reason for this is that your body will continue to metabolize the gel filler and amp up collagen production for several weeks, which means you may continue seeing improving results for as long as six months.

If your results do continue to improve for a significant time after your treatment appointment, it’s likely that your body is highly receptive to the active ingredients in this filler. Ultimately, this will likely mean that this filler is the ideal choice for your injectable anti-aging treatments, which will take the guesswork out of your next treatments.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

The results of this treatment are projected to last for about two years at a time for most patients. The average user of this treatment will be able to enjoy seamless results for 18 to 24 months at a time, which is a bit longer than many other dermal fillers on the market. In fact, the closest comparison is Juvederm’s Voluma and the original formula of Restylane.

If the longevity of a treatment is one of your guideposts to choosing the treatment that is right for you, then you can rest assured that Radiesse treatment produce some of the longest-lasting results around. The length of time you can expect to enjoy your results may depend on your age and the severity of your concerns, but even patients with the most severe wrinkles and skin laxity can expect long-lasting results.

What Is the Ideal Treatment Frequency?

Ideally, you should schedule a maintenance appointment before the results of your treatment completely fade. Scheduling your maintenance appointments this way is the best way to ensure that you can enjoy seamless natural-looking results. For that reason, most patients opt to schedule a follow-up appointment once every 18 to 24 months, depending on how long the results of your treatment last.

If you still aren’t sure how to best schedule your maintenance appointments, then you should pay close attention to your skin. When you notice that fine lines and wrinkles seem to be coming back, it’s time to schedule another appointment.

What Does Radiesse Treat?

The primary purpose of this dermal filler is to treat issues such as nasolabial folds and hollow areas of the face, such as the cheeks. This particular dermal filler is primarily used to resolve moderate and severe wrinkles, which makes it preferable for mature patients who require a dermal filler that can do the heavier lifting. That said, this dermal filler is more diverse than many people first assume, as the filler is commonly used to treat:

  • Hollow temples
  • Dynamic forehead lines
  • Undereye bags
  • Cheek and nose sculpting
  • Jowls
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Neck skin laxity

Interestingly, this treatment is also used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the back of the hands, which is an area of the body that often betrays our age. If you would like to use this treatment for novel areas, please let us know during your consultation so we can create a treatment plan that meets all of your needs.

How Does the Treatment Work?

This treatment works like most dermal fillers, which means it is administered via a small, thin needle that delivers the gel-like dermal filler to the sub-dermal layers of skin. Injectable treatments are classified as minimally invasive and generally have a shorter downtime. Depending on how many areas of the face you intend to treat with this filler, you will likely require several Radiesse Injections to ensure the filler reaches all key areas of the face.

How Many Syringes Will You Need?

Unlike other dermal fillers, which sometimes require multiple vials or syringes, the vast majority of patients can achieve their ideal results with as little as one syringe of this filler. Even for patients with particularly severe wrinkles, one syringe is usually enough to reverse the signs of aging and produce a more youthful appearance.

However, if you are using this dermal filler on multiple areas of the face or additionally treating your hands, it’s likely you will require an additional syringe. We will determine the ideal amount of filler necessary to complete your treatment.

What Is the Cost of This Treatment?

The cost of this treatment is determined by how many syringes are required to produce your desired results. In general, one syringe of this treatment will cost between $650 and $800, which is a cost that is comparable to the price of other dermal fillers.

Will You Need a Consultation?

Yes. If this is your first time using this specific dermal filler or if this is your first time using a dermal filler at all, you will need to attend a consultation appointment.  Your first appointment will allow us to examine the severity of your skin condition to determine if your needs are a good match for this dermal filler. We will also go over your goals and expectations for your treatment to make sure your treatment plan meets all of your unique needs.

Will You Need an Allergy Test?

No, an allergy test is not necessarily needed for prospective patients hoping to use this treatment. Unlike some other dermal fillers, Radiesse is compatible with human biology and poses very little risk of a possible allergic reaction. However, if you have a history of severe allergic reaction and you would feel more comfortable with an allergy test, please let us know.

How Should You Prepare?

Preparing for any dermal filler treatment is simple, and that includes preparing for Radiesse treatments. At least one week before your treatment appointment, you should avoid other cosmetic treatments, using skincare ingredients such as Retinol, and using blood-thinning medications, such as Aspirin. It’s also important that you arrive at your appointment with clean skin and your hair pulled away from your face.

What Is Your Aftercare Like?

After your treatment, you will need to avoid direct sunlight, hot water, and sweating, including any strenuous exercises for at least three to five days while your filler settles. We often instruct patients to lightly massage their skin during the first 24 to 48 hours after their appointment to ensure that the filler treatment settles evenly beneath the skin, which will help you produce ideal results.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is This Dermal Filler Better Than Others?

For some people, this dermal filler is better than others. For example, if you endure severe fine lines and wrinkles, you may find that other dermal fillers are not effective options for you because they are designed to treat mild age-related concerns instead. Other patients may prefer this treatment to other dermal fillers due to compatibility or better responses to this filler over others.

2. Can You Combine This Treatment With Other Cosmetic Treatments?

Yes. Dermal filler treatments are frequently combined with cosmetic treatments that address other superficial skin concerns, such as dark spots, acne scars, and enlarged pores. If you would like to treat superficial skin concerns related to aging as well as moderate or severe wrinkles, please let us know so we can help you build a treatment plan that addresses all of your concerns.

3. Is There a Best Age to Have This Treatment?

The majority of patients who seek this particular treatment are usually aged 40 or older. This is because moderate and severe fine lines and wrinkles tend to develop in people who have mature skin or skin that has already experienced a prolonged lower production of collagen. Many patients still use this treatment over the age of 50, particularly if your goal is to avoid invasive cosmetic surgery.

4. Who Are Good Candidates?

Good candidates for this treatment include those who are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding, those who do not have a history of a severe allergic reaction, and those who would like to treat moderate or severe age-related concerns.

Look Radiant With Radiesse Treatments

Your age-related concerns don’t have to define your life – or the appearance of your skin. With the right cosmetic treatment, you can reverse the visible effects of aging and achieve a younger, more radiant appearance. If you think that Radiesse treatments are the right solution for your age-related woes, please contact Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood and Denver, CO to schedule your consultation appointment today.

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