How Long Does Voluma Last?

Are you unhappy with the changes you’ve noticed in your face as you’ve gotten older? Looking for a safe, non-invasive solution? At Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO our dermal fillers like Voluma filler can help you get back a younger look with effective, long-lasting results.

How Long Does Voluma Filler Last?

As you get older, you’ve probably noticed an overall loss of volume in your face. One of the places where this might be particularly noticeable is your cheeks. If you don’t like the way this is affecting your appearance, then you may want to get Juvederm injections.

Juvederm is a collection of dermal fillers that includes Voluma filler. This formula is specifically designed to target your cheeks. If you do get this injectable in the area, you can expect your results to last for up to an impressive 2 years.

Why Am I Losing Volume in My Skin?

Your skin is comprised of several chemicals. Together, all of these chemicals help your skin stay full and provide it with its structure. When you’re young, you have much higher levels of these chemicals than you do as you age. The older you get, the less effectively your body can produce them.

This is what causes your skin to lose fullness. And, as it becomes less full, it becomes more prone to issues associated with loss of elasticity like wrinkling and sagging.

What Is Juvederm?

This collection of dermal fillers is designed to add missing fullness back into your face. They are applied to your desired areas using a fine and precise needle, making them a great option if you’re looking for a non-invasive cosmetic treatment.

Voluma filler specifically is designed to target your cheeks. Other Juvederm formulas can help you target other cosmetic concerns. All Juvederm formulas are made with the main ingredient hyaluronic acid.

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Help?

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is naturally already present in your skin. You can find it in other areas of your body like your muscles, connective tissues, and your eyes. It helps to provide fullness to your skin and maintains hydration and lubrication by attracting moisture molecules.

When it’s injected into your skin via one of Juvederm’s formulas, it adds more volume to the area to help you get back your fuller, more youthful appearance. It also stimulates your body’s collagen production, which is a protein that helps your skin stay elastic.

What Is Treatment Like?

Before Your Appointment

Before you can get your injections, you’ll need to prepare your skin properly. We’ll make sure that you have full instructions so that you can make sure that your treatment is as safe and effective as possible.

You’ll need to avoid certain substances in the days leading up to your appointment, including both alcohol and tobacco. You should also stop taking medications like aspirin as well as some supplements like fish oil. All of these products can thin your blood and make you prone to bruising.

Your Appointment

When you arrive at our clinic, you’ll know that you’re in good hands. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that your experience with us is the best it can be. Before applying the dermal fillers, we’ll clean your skin to remove any grime and bacteria that’s built up throughout the day.

After your skin is ready, we’ll start applying the product to your desired areas. We’ll inject small amounts of the fillers at a time to ensure that your results are accurate. The injections themselves are pain-free, and you should only feel a light pinching sensation as the needle is applied.

Your Recovery

After your treatment is complete, you can get back to your normal life right away. As long as you remember a few simple things, your skin will recover quickly and without issue. Make sure that you follow our post-treatment instructions for the best results.

For the next few days, you’ll need to avoid any strenuous physical activity or anything that might cause a lot of sweating. Since your skin is going to be much more sensitive, you’ll also need to stay out of direct sunlight since it will burn much more easily.

What Other Areas Can Juvederm Target?


Jowls form as your skin loses both its volume and its elasticity. If you’re noticing sagging of the skin around your jawline, you may be feeling unhappy with your appearance. This collection of dermal fillers could be exactly the solution you’re looking for.

If you get Voluma filler injections in your cheeks, this will lift your sagging skin and significantly reduce the appearance of jowls. You’ll have a tighter, smoother jawline and a much younger overall look.

Smile Lines

Smile lines, also frequently called laugh lines or nasolabial folds, are the folds that show up between your nose and your mouth. Because this part of your face is so mobile, these lines tend to be some of the first to appear on your face.

If you’d like to reduce their appearance and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance, there’s a Juvederm formula for you. Vollure is designed to target this area and add fullness to help reduce the appearance of lines.

Marionette Lines

Have you noticed folds running from the corners of your mouth down toward your chin? These lines are called marionette lines, and they can make you look far older than you may feel inside.

Anyone looking to reduce the appearance of these lines should consider getting Juvederm injections. By adding more volume, this filler will reduce the severity of your marionette lines or even eliminate them completely.


Because your lips are one of the most prominent features of your face, the way they look will affect your overall appearance. Thin lips, for instance, can make you seem severe. Full lips, on the other hand, reflect youthfulness.

You may have thin lips as a result of aging, or it could simply be a question of your genetics. Regardless of why you have thin lips, you can get one of Juvederm’s formulas to add more volume to them, making them appear plump and youthful.

Lipstick Lines

As your lips lose volume and your skin loses elasticity, you may begin to notice vertical lines on your lips. These are referred to as lipstick lines or smoker lines. Not only can they make you look older, but they can even make you seem unhealthy.

If you fill in your lips with Juvederm, this will take up space under the skin and smooth out these lines. You can also use Juvederm to even out asymmetrical lips.

When Will I See Results?

All of Juvederm’s lineup of dermal fillers offers fast, long-lasting results. You can expect to see results from your injections quickly. As soon as you leave the clinic, there will be a noticeable difference in the way you look. Full results are visible within a week.

The amount of time that you can expect to enjoy your results depends on where you get your injections and how your skin reacts.

Will My Results Look Natural?

If you’d prefer to avoid questions from friends and family members about whether you’ve had work done, this dermal filler is the perfect option for you. It’s easy to customize it to fit your exact needs and goals.

That means that your results can be exactly as dramatic or as subtle as you would like. When you have your initial consultation with us, we’ll go over what your specific goals are. And, when it comes time for your treatment, we’ll make sure that your results fit these goals.

Who Is a Candidate?

Because this filler’s main ingredient is something you can already find in your skin, it’s safe for almost anyone. If you have any of the above cosmetic or medical concerns, you could be a perfect candidate to receive Juvederm injections.

As long as you are not pregnant or breastfeeding or experiencing any skin conditions or infections, this treatment will be safe for you. It’s perfect for anyone who wants effective treatment but isn’t ready to undergo something more invasive like a surgical procedure.

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Do Voluma filler and Juvederm’s other dermal fillers sound like they might be the best solution for your aging and medical concerns? It’s important to choose the right clinic to get your treatment from. Our team will be excited to welcome you and help you get natural-looking and long-lasting results you’ll love. Give us a shout today at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO.

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