How Long Does Radiesse Last?

It’s natural to notice changes to your appearance as you get older. There are plenty of ways to treat any aging concerns that might be coming up for you. One of the most effective treatments that we offer at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO are dermal fillers, including Radiesse.

Dermal Fillers: How Long Does Radiesse Last?

The older you get, the more significant changes you’re probably noticing in your skin. Aging can cause concerns like wrinkling, sagging, and an overall loss of volume. While these changes are entirely natural and part of the aging process, they may not be changes that you like seeing.

Anyone who is looking for an effective way to reduce the appearance of these changes should consider looking into a dermal filler like Radiesse. This filler offers a super-effective way of treating various concerns. It’s also great for anyone looking for something that can last a long time. No dermal filler can provide permanent results, but this filler can offer longer results than many on the market. Depending on several factors including your skin and what areas were treated, you can expect this filler to last for up to 2 years.

What Is Radiesse?

This is one of our dermal fillers available. When you receive this treatment, a very fine needle will be used to inject the product into the desired areas of your face. It’s made with an ingredient called calcium hydroxyapatite or CaHA, which is in turn made up of chemicals you can find naturally in your body.

The filler is non-toxic and non-allergenic, meaning it’s safe for most people to use. When you receive this treatment from a qualified practitioner at a clean and safe clinic like ours, you can expect effective, fast, and long-lasting results.

How Does It Work?

This filler works by initially taking up space underneath your skin. When it does this, it smooths out any sagging or wrinkling that might be caused by a combined volume loss and loss of elasticity in your skin.

The CaHA also stimulates your body’s production of collagen. Collagen is an important part of your skin’s chemical structure. By stimulating its production, this dermal filler helps your skin stay firm and elastic even as your body absorbs the product.

Who Should Get Treatment?

Are you wondering if this product might be right for you? You could be a good candidate if you are in good general health, are looking for a treatment option that is fast and convenient, and would like to treat aging concerns on your face.

There are a variety of issues on your face that this product can target. If you have any of the following concerns, then this treatment can offer you an effective way to diminish and manage them.


Aging results in an overall loss of volume in your skin. This happens to all areas of your face, but there are some areas where the loss is more evident than others. One of the places where you’ll find this loss most noticeable is in your cheeks since a lot of volume is needed to keep them full and round.

As you lose volume, you’ll find that they look thinner and hollower. Your skin also becomes less elastic, which could result in jowls forming. You can use this dermal filler to put that volume back into your skin, helping your cheeks look rounder and more youthful.

Laugh Lines

As you’ve gotten older, have you noticed vertical lines forming between your nose and mouth? These lines are called laugh lines, but you may have also heard them be called smile lines or nasolabial folds. They are the result of a loss of elasticity in your skin as well as repeated facial movements.

While these lines are very common and natural, they can also make your face appear much older than you’d like. This filler can add more volume to the area, smoothing out these laugh lines.

Frown Lines

Your eyebrows move around a lot throughout the day as you make facial expressions. These repeated movements can eventually result in the skin on top of the muscles becoming permanently creased. The lines that form in between your eyebrows when you furrow them are called frown lines.

These 11-shaped lines may not be something that you appreciate. You may not like how they make you appear much older, or the way they make you look perpetually concerned or angry. If you’d like to reduce the appearance of these lines, you can use Radiesse to help you get back a younger, more relaxed appearance.

Forehead Lines

Furrowing isn’t the only thing your eyebrows do to make facial expressions. You also lift your eyebrows frequently throughout the day. When you do this, this makes the skin on your forehead crease. Again, repeated facial movements will cause wrinkling, and over time you’ll probably notice these horizontal lines becoming permanent.

Like all wrinkles on your face, the lines on your forehead can significantly age your appearance. They might also make you look surprised constantly. When you get this dermal filler to treat your forehead area, it will help you look younger and more at ease.


One surprising way that this filler can benefit you is by treating areas other than your face. Many people who are concerned with the way their skin is changing with age focus only on the face area. While this is one of the most noticeable areas, it’s certainly not the only one that can be affected by aging concerns.

Your hands move around a lot. They are also exposed to a lot of elements, which can cause them to age quickly. You can use this dermal filler to add more volume to your hands, helping them to look healthier and more youthful.

Other Concerns

One of the great things about this filler is that it can be used to treat a range of other issues aside from aging concerns. It was originally created to help those with HIV appear healthier and feel more confident in their appearance.

You can also use it to diminish the appearance of scars that you have on your body or to treat concerns like asymmetrical noses. When you book your consultation with us, we can help you determine if this product might be right for the concerns that you have.

What Are the Benefits?

There is a range of benefits you can expect to receive with this treatment. Here are just a few of them.

It’s Safe

Anyone looking for a cosmetic treatment is going to want to find something that’s safe. One of the biggest benefits of this dermal filler is that it’s carefully designed to not only offer effective results, but to be safe too.

It’s also non-invasive, which means that it carries far fewer risks than a surgical procedure. It’s approved by the FDA, non-allergenic, and simply stimulates a natural process that your body does on its own.

Fast Results

One of the reasons why patients and dermatologists love this treatment so much is because it offers fast results along with long-lasting ones. Many dermal fillers require a week or so to begin to show you the results you’re looking for. You may not want to wait that long.

This filler will provide you with a subtle but immediate change to your appearance. As soon as it’s injected, it will take up space under your sagging skin, smoothing it out. You’ll notice a difference as soon as you leave the clinic, with full results becoming apparent in about a week.

Subtle Results

Many people avoid getting cosmetic treatments because they’re worried that the results of their treatment will be too obvious. You may want to avoid having to deal with people asking questions about whether or not you’ve had any work done, since these questions can feel pretty awkward and uncomfortable.

If you’ve been avoiding getting cosmetic treatment because you’re worried the results won’t look natural, then this filler could be right for you. Your results will be fast-acting and long-lasting, but they’ll also be subtle which means you can avoid the uncomfortable questions you’ve been worrying about.

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