How Can You Fix Thin Lips? 11 Benefits of Volbella

It’s no surprise that lip enhancement methods have become increasingly popular. Achieving fuller lips can change the appearance of your face and make you look younger and more attractive. At Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, Colorado, we can use Volbella to add volume to your lips. Read on to learn more about this fantastic injectable treatment available to anyone in the Denver area.

How Can You Fix Thin Lips? 11 Benefits of Volbella

1. It Increases the Size of Your Lips

Volbella is an injectable product that is part of the Juvederm collection of dermal fillers. This innovative product has a unique formula that is specifically designed to enhance your lips in a natural-looking manner.

This product can add volume to your lips, making them look plumper and more youthful. We can also use this dermal filler to reduce the appearance of perioral lines, commonly known as lipstick lines, around your mouth.

2. It Fixes a Frustrating Issue

Seeing your lips thin and decrease in size can be a very upsetting experience. Although this facial change is normal, losing volume in your lips can make you feel unhappy with your appearance. There are many reasons why your lips may become thinner and less attractive as you age.

Age-Related Changes

As you get older, your body will start to make less collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps the structure of your skin stay strong and firm. As your body loses collagen, your lips will become smaller and thinner.

Further, your genes can cause you to age more quickly than other people do. If your relatives developed thin lips at a young age, you will also lose volume in your lips at a relatively early stage in your life.

Lifestyle Choices

Your behavior can also affect the size and appearance of your lips. If you spend lots of time in the sun, you will be exposed to harmful ultra-violet rays that will damage the collagen in your skin and change the appearance of your lips.

Similarly, smoking cigarettes will put additional stress on your body and cause your lips to age more quickly. Smoking can also make you develop wrinkles around your mouth.

An Ideal Solution

Although you can quit smoking and avoid the sun, you can’t affect many of the other factors that cause your lips to lose volume. As a result, you will struggle to prevent your lips from changing over time. Fortunately, this injectable treatment can easily reverse this age-related change.

3. It Contains High-Quality Ingredients

This fantastic dermal filler uses a wonderful substance called hyaluronic acid to add volume to your lips. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that your body naturally produces. This useful ingredient helps your skin stay moist and strong. It also stops moisture in your skin from being released into the air. Once we inject this product into your target area, it will plump your lips by adding volume to this facial feature.

4. It’s Quick and Easy

Dermal fillers are one of the most straightforward, gentle cosmetic treatments available today, and receiving this injectable product is an extremely easy process. We will enhance your lips during a quick outpatient appointment at our comfortable office in Englewood, Colorado.

During your appointment, we will administer your injections into your target area. We will use our knowledge of facial structure and anatomy to perform this portion of your treatment in a precise manner that will provide natural-looking results. This is usually a very quick process, and you can return to your home or office once your injections are complete.

5. It Has a Short Recovery Time

Some invasive cosmetic procedures are very hard on your body. You might have to spend days or weeks at home as your body slowly heals from your procedure. If you’re a busy, active person who has many responsibilities at work and home, you will struggle to take a lengthy break from your usual schedule.

Unlike these procedures, this injectable treatment has minimal to no downtime. You won’t have to use up your vacation days or fall behind on your chores. Instead, you can quickly return to your job and other activities.

Although you can return to your usual schedule, we will advise you to follow some simple aftercare rules. In particular, you should try not to drink alcoholic beverages or expose your skin to strong heat or sunlight for twenty-four hours. You should also avoid engaging in rigorous exercise during this time.

6. It Works Quickly

This injectable treatment is an ideal way to quickly change the appearance of your lips. You will notice a change in the size of your lips immediately after your treatment is complete. However, your body will take some time to renew itself, and you will not see the final effect of your treatment right away. Your body is likely to recover within two weeks, and you should be able to see the full benefits of your treatment at this point.

7. It’s Long-Lasting

If you’ve received injectable treatments before, you already know that some of these products do not provide long-lasting results. Since these products wear off fairly quickly, you have to receive frequent maintenance treatments to keep up your new look. Fitting these re-occurring appointments into your busy schedule can be very challenging, and the costs of receiving regular injections will cut into your budget for travel, dining out, and other enjoyable activities.

Fortunately, this lip enhancement method is different. It will not require you to spend an excessive amount of time receiving regular maintenance treatments. Since your body is unique, you may process this dermal filler more or less quickly than other people. That said, this dermal filler is manufactured using an innovative Vycross technology that allows this product to last longer than many other injectable treatments.

Your results may last for up to a year. After this point, your lips will gradually return to their previous appearance. You can preserve your plump, attractive lips by receiving touch-up treatments once your results begin to wear off.

8. It Delivers Natura Results

You’ve probably seen pictures of people who received lip injections from an inexperienced medical provider. These people’s lips may look lumpy, uneven, and unattractive. Alternatively, their lips might appear to be excessively large or cartoonish.

You will not experience these issues when you receive this injectable treatment at Murphy Plastic Surgery. This dermal filler is designed to improve your lips in a way that looks natural and sophisticated.

We will use a restrained, moderate technique to administer your injections. Our in-depth understanding of facial anatomy and aesthetics will allow us to make your improvements look natural. Your lips will not appear to be over-sized or out of proportion to the rest of your face. Instead, this treatment will provide a subtle enhancement that is in harmony with your other facial features.

9. It’s More Effective Than At-Home Treatments

There are many at-home treatments that promise to temporarily or permanently increase the size of your lips. For instance, some people claim that you can use common spices found in your kitchen, like cayenne pepper and cinnamon, to make solutions that plump your lips. Other people sell lipsticks, lip glosses, and other products that claim to enhance the size of your lips.

Although these at-home remedies might temporarily change your lips, they can also be ineffective and dangerous. These products and solutions can irritate your lips and damage your skin. Further, many of these products do not deliver the significant benefits that they promise.

You will achieve better results by receiving treatment from a trained medical professional who uses high-quality dermal fillers to enhance your lips. Volbella is a state-of-the-art product that is part of the highest-selling collection of dermal fillers in the world. This product is designed to improve your lips in a safe, effective manner, and many people have successfully used this product to increase the size of their lips.

10. It Can Be Combined With Other Injectable Treatments

In addition to using this product to enhance lips, we perform treatments using a wide variety of other dermal fillers. Each of these injectable treatments uses a unique method to rejuvenate your skin, and we can treat many different imperfections with these products.

Smoothing Your Wrinkles

Many of our dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to smooth your wrinkles. For instance, Juvederm XC is an FDA-approved filler that uses this amazing ingredient to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles near your mouth and nose. This gentle treatment will fill in your wrinkles by restoring lost volume to your face.

Lifting Your Cheeks

As you get older, you will lose volume in your face, and your cheeks will begin to sag. Fortunately, you can easily fix this issue with Voluma and Restylane Lyft. Both of these fillers use hyaluronic acid to plump and firm your sagging cheeks.

Designing a Treatment Plan

During your initial consultation, we will examine your face and lips. We will talk about the issues and imperfections that you want to address. If you would like to improve multiple facial features, we may advise you to use a combination of injectable products to achieve your desired outcome.

11. It Works for Lots of People

This treatment does not require you to receive incisions or general anesthesia. You also don’t have to visit the hospital or go through a lengthy recovery period. As a result, if you’re a busy person who is looking for a simple way to enhance your appearance, you may be an ideal candidate for this injectable treatment.

Although this treatment is very safe, it is not a good solution for everyone, and you cannot use this product if you have certain health conditions. For instance, you should not receive this treatment while you are pregnant or nursing. You also cannot use this lip enhancement method if you have certain allergies, including an allergy to the bacterial proteins used in this product or to lidocaine.

During our first meeting, you should tell us about any health conditions that you have. In particular, you should inform us if you are receiving immunosuppressive therapy or if you have a history of excessive scarring or pigmentation disorders. You should also let us know if you intend to receive chemical peels or laser treatments in the future. We will use this information to decide whether you are eligible for this lip enhancement method.

Enhance Your Lips

Are you tired of going through life with thin, small lips? You can fix this facial feature in a minimally invasive way with Volbella. We have helped many people in the Denver, Colorado area improve their lips with this amazing injectable treatment. To learn more about this fantastic cosmetic treatment, contact us at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, Colorado for an initial consultation today.

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