FAQ About Female to Male Reassignment Surgery

There are 1.4 million people in the United States that identify as being transgender. Of this group, a significant number of them are transgender men.  Often transgender men have access to several types of female to male surgery options in order to aid in their transition. The team at Murphy Plastic Surgery share the following FAQ about the female to male surgery options provided.

What Is Female To Male Surgery?

There are several types of surgeries some transgender men undergo to transition themselves from first female to male surgery. The first set of surgeries address the desire to change the primary sex characteristics like altering the reproductive organs through a gender reassignment surgery. The second set of surgeries consists of altering the secondary sex characteristics like facial masculinization or reforming a more masculine chest.

What Is FTM Top Surgery?

Female to Male surgery is the process where the typical female breasts are removed to create a more masculine chest. They do this through a subcutaneous mastectomy, which means they can keep the nipple intact.

What Are The Options For Female To Male Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) may include two types of procedures. A phalloplasty and a metoidioplasty. The phalloplasty is the surgical creation of a penis from skin grafts taken from the arm. This procedure often includes mechanisms to create an erection.

The metoidioplasty is the process of enlarging the clitoris via hormone treatments. Once this is done, they separate the clitoris from the labia minora. The clitoris is then surgically lowered to the natural position of a penis.

How Can A Transgender Man Use Female To Male Surgery To Look Less Female?

There are several surgical options to aid in one’s transition. They can have a facial masculinization and a body masculinization done. Facial masculinization includes surgeries to make the forehead more pronounced, square the chin, change the shape of the nose and even add an Adam’s apple. Some of these surgeries require implants to make the change.

Body masculinization surgeries work to create a classic male V-shaped body via fat removal procedures. These procedures remove fat from places that the female body traditional stores fat like the hips, back and buttocks.

Are These Surgeries Permanent?

For the most part, these surgeries are fairly permanent. While there may be options to reverse the top surgery and rebuild female breasts, many other surgeries are far more difficult to undo.

Modern surgical techniques are advancing every day when we discuss female to male surgery. They are working on bio-engineering solutions for successful changes to primary sex characteristics. There is also emerging procedures to make top surgery easier and allow men to keep full sensation in the nipples.

There are many options to consider when seeking female to male transitioning medical procedures. Making an appointment with a qualified plastic surgeon is the first step in exploring the available options. This can include looking at the surgeries to address both primary sex characteristics and secondary sex characteristics. Contact the experienced team at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO today and schedule a consultation.

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