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Is sagging skin in your forehead or brows making you feel self-conscious of your facial profile? Sagging skin in the brow or eyes can not only cause cosmetic concern but may be affecting your quality of living. Dr. Murphy offers several procedures to correct the eyes and brows for a youthful look and improved functionality.*At Murphy Plastic Surgery, we want to help you feel and look more like yourself. Our team is proficient in the latest and most effective plastic surgical procedures to help you reach your aesthetic destination. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment and find out if our eyes and brows procedures may be right for you!

Which eyes and brows procedures does Dr. Murphy offer?

  • Brow lift
  • Canthopexy
  • Upper and lower blepharoplasty

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift surgery also known as a forehead lift– is an advanced procedure that can reduce age lines as well as correct sagging skin. At the start of your procedure, an anesthetic will be given to you for a comfortable treatment experience. Next, an incision will be made into the forehead depending on the approach most suitable for you. The skin will be lifted and the incision site will be sealed. After a few weeks, you will be able to notice drastic results once the mild swelling has dissipated.

What is a canthopexy?

Canthopexy– also known as lower eyelid suspension– is an innovative procedure that can correct sagging or drooping eyelids caused by sun damage, paralysis, previous eyelid surgery, or aging. Canthopexy is performed under anesthesia for a comfortable treatment experience. Through a small incision in the designated area, Dr. Murphy can raise the eyelids. The goal of this procedure is to tighten and raise the lower eyelids for improved vision.

What is upper and lower blepharoplasty?

With age, it’s common for the eyelids to stretch and the muscles supporting them to weaken, resulting in sagging eyelids. Some people may experience upper, lower, or both upper and lower drooping of the eyelids. Blepharoplasty is a unique procedure designed to correct drooping eyelids for a younger-looking aesthetic as well as improved vision. If you are feeling self-conscious of baggy or droopy eyelids, bags beneath the eyes or excess skin is affecting your vision, Dr. Murphy can help you decide of a blepharoplasty may be right for you.

Dr. Murphy can also combine these procedures if you are experiencing droopy eyelids as well as sagging skin in the brow. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment and learn if these procedures may be right for you!

*Unless otherwise stated, models are used throughout this website. Individual Results may vary.

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