Enhance Your Breathing Capabilities with Rhinoplasty

Not all plastic surgeries are purely cosmetic. Many procedures can be both beneficial on a cosmetic level and medical level. Rhinoplasty is one of those procedures. This procedure not only makes you look incredible, but it can also help you breathe better. If you have trouble breathing, then you should definitely find out if rhinoplasty could help you.

About Nose Surgery

There is a common misconception that rhinoplasty will lead to having a hard time breathing through the nose. While this was true in the 70s, it no longer is today. In fact, thousands of people have this procedure performed in order to improve breathing!

Rhinoplasty is any surgery that aims to reshape the nose. It is one of the most beneficial surgeries if you want to change your appearance. In fact, it is one of the first surgeries performed on people who wish to dramatically improve their looks.

This procedure can also be used to correct a deviated septum, a common issue that leads to trouble breathing. Other nose problems, such as an overly large turbinate and small nostrils can be corrected as well.

Rhinoplasty to Correct Breathing Problems

Rhinoplasty is actually favorable by many for correcting breathing issues. No one wants to sleep with nasal strips for the rest of their life. Having your breathing correct via this procedure can even benefit your significant other because it could be all you require to stop snoring.

You will also get to pick exactly how your nose looks after the surgery. You will be able to correct certain breathing issues and look better all with the same surgery. The benefits of cosmetic surgery will speak for themselves once you have fully healed; you may look better than ever before.

Who is a Candidate?

Almost anyone can benefit from rhinoplasty. However, a good candidate is oftentimes someone who has suffered damage to the nose. Sometimes this damage will cause breathing problems, and these issues can be alleviated with surgery. People who wish to change their appearance are also good candidates.

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If you have breathing issues related to the nose, the only way to know if rhinoplasty is a good option is to consult a skilled professional. Any questions you have can be answered during a consultation with our surgeon at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO. Contact us today to book your appointment in the Denver, CO area.

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