Denver Breast Implants – What Can I Expect?

Contrary to popular belief, breast implants are not just for adding volume to small breasts. In fact, the expert providers at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Denver can also use them to reconstruct the breast following mastectomy (breast cancer), improve breast symmetry, and correct congenital or developmental defects. The list below explains some of what you can expect with breast implant surgery.

The Procedure

This is a surgical procedure; however, the techniques used have improved over the years. Minimizing discomfort during and post-op has been known to promote quick healing. After all, when patients are comfortable, they breathe better and move more easily, which all contribute to a shorter recovery. Moreover, skilled surgeons use gentler techniques during the creation of breast implant pockets. The idea is to lift and separate the breast tissue and muscle with meticulous dissection, as opposed to tearing the muscle and using vigorous force. By limiting the surgical trauma, you can expect a shorter recovery and great results.

Resuming Your Normal Activities

A good rule of thumb is to walk as soon as you’re able to do so following your breast implant surgery. Take note that light exercise improves blood circulation, which is the key to quicker recovery and fewer side effects. Take note that many patients are able to return to their desk job in the days after surgery, while a longer time off might be more ideal if your work involves heavy lifting, raising your hands over your head frequently, and other strenuous tasks.

In most cases, you can gradually increase your physical activities over time. But just to be on the safe side, always consult our plastic surgeon in Denver before you resume any activity.

Follow-Up Appointment

This is a great opportunity to further discuss the post-op instructions such as physical restrictions, medications, use of medical garments, among other things. The succeeding appointments after breast implants are typically scheduled in order to check on your progress and ensure that you are healing properly.

Getting Breast Implants in Denver

To learn more about breast implants in the Denver area, you are invited to talk to the experts at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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