Body Contouring After Weight Loss in Englewood, CO

Losing weight is a struggle. If you have had the amazing experience of losing a lot of weight, no doubt you agree that your outlook on life, your overall appearance, and the way that you feel have all improved. Unfortunately, the reality of losing large amounts of weight does not always line up with what we imagined it would be. This is where body contouring with our expert in Englewood, CO can help.

The sad thing is, in our minds we see ourselves losing large amounts of weight and then looking like our favorite movie star or our favorite model. However, when we get to our desired weight, we find that instead of having a thin appearance, our body is covered with heavy folds of skin. And what makes matters worse is that this heavy skin is precisely around the areas that we want to look the best.

The reason why we have this excess skin is because our skin stretched when we were carrying the extra weight. Over time, our skin lost its elasticity. Once we lose weight, our skin is unable to go back to its former shape and size.

In addition to affecting the way that we look, excess skin brings with it a whole host of problems. Just putting on clothing can be a challenge. Excess skin can minimize our mobility. There are a lot of hygiene issues and other medical challenges that result from having excess skin. For example, if we have folds of skin that create skin-on-skin contact, we might have some rashes or infections. For this reason, many individuals in Englewood, CO who have lost a lot of weight have opted to remove excess skin through body contouring procedures.

You may be wondering if body contouring after losing a lot of weight is right for you. There are a few things that you might want to consider. For example, if you’re considering body contouring after losing a great deal of weight, it’s important that you have a healthy lifestyle.

Losing a lot of weight is an amazing achievement. Body contouring after weight loss helps you get the most from that achievement. To learn about your options, make an appointment at Murphy Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation for body contouring!

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