Add on a Little Liposuction

The key to exceptional results in body contouring lies in the fine details.  Whether you are having a breast reduction or augmentation, a facelift or a tummy tuck, Dr. Murphy often recommends adding liposuction to your procedure to achieve your best possible result.  Adding the appropriate contouring to your hips and flanks with some judicious liposuction in Denver is going to most successfully give you that hour-glass shape you seek after your tummy tuck — and don’t forget about the lateral thighs! Once those hips are gone you are going to see them more, so removing some fullness in that area is going to optimize the result. With a breast procedure our goal is to give you the best contour possible.  Dr. Murphy frequently adds lateral chest or axillary tail liposuction to make your breasts look their best. Commonly during a facelift, liposuction is very helpful in reducing that bulge beneath your chin.  It is Dr. Murphy’s experience and expertise that aids him in pointing out these areas to patients as they weigh their options with body contouring and facial rejuvenative procedures.

Because these additional areas of liposuction are commonly small and don’t take a lot of time they don’t significantly add to the cost.  Additional procedures performed at the same time as a larger procedure are minimally expensive or sometimes even added at no additional cost.  These options are discussed at the time of your initial consultation.

Dr. Murphy has been performing liposuction on all areas of the body for 25 years and has a vast experience in the procedure. He uses the state-of-the-art Power Assisted Liposuction, also known as PAL.  He finds that this innovative technology leads to better results with less pain, swelling and bruising and therefore less downtime for his patients.

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