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Facial Implants Denver

While assessing the patient requesting facial rejuvenation it frequently becomes evident that the patient’s facial boney structure may be deficient in areas. This is frequently evident in the chin and jaw area. Should this be the case the use of facial implants is discussed. Careful assessment of the facial structures is crucial to making the correct decision as to the implant to be used. Cheek bones may be made fuller or hollow areas beneath the cheek bones may be filled out. Each of these areas need the appropriate implant to be selected carefully.

Chin Implants

Most frequently the patient may be unhappy with the projection of the chin. Once malposition of the lower jaw has been ruled out judicious placement of the appropriate chin implant can very nicely improve the contour of the lower face and bring the entire face into harmony. Extended chin implants can bring definition further along the jaw and strengthen and refine the jawline I as well as the chin area if needed.

Lip Implants

Many patients seek rounder fuller lips and although injectable fillers are regularly used to achieve this goal, lip implants have become a very popular choice due to their safety profile and permanence. The implants which we use come in different lengths and widths to be sure we are able to do our best to meet each patients’ needs. They are inserted into the lip through a small incision where the upper and lower lips meet, typically under local anesthesia. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and patients typically get a small amount of bruising and swelling that resolves within a few days.

Implant Assessment

A careful thoughtful consultation with Dr. Murphy is the key to appropriate decision-making regarding the choice and placement of facial implants. It is very common that they are used at the same time as other facial rejuvenation techniques such as face or cheek lifts or a chin implant may be suggested along with a rhinoplasty.

Facial Implant Recovery Time

If performed alone facial implant placement is usually performed under local anesthesia with local anesthesia as an outpatient. If performed along with more significant facial procedures sedation or general anesthesia may be necessary. Return to normal activity is related to swelling and bruising and the length of time it takes for these to resolve.

Thank you, Dr. Murphy, for all the excellent care and patience you have given me through two bouts of breast cancer. You have helped me survive and thrive. Thank you to all the wonderful nurses in your office, too. They are always kind, professional and knowledgeable.CB