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Eyelid Surgery Denver

A blepharoplasty or eyelid lift is an extremely effective way to brighten your appearance. When people are looking at you, they are looking at your eyes. It is the first thing they see. Do they say you look tired? Don’t you hate that! Smoothing those puffy lower lids or taking away droopy upper eyelid skin can make you look and feel years younger. Removing that excess upper lid skin may even improve your vision.

The Eyelid Lift Procedure

Sagging upper eyelid skin is removed through an incision which blends into the eyelid crease. This blepharoplasty incision can also be used to remove muscles causing furrows between the eyebrows. The majority of lower lid blepharoplasty procedures require incisions both inside the lid to remove excess fat and an incision along the lash line to remove excess skin and lax muscle. If the lower lids are more affected by fine lines than excess skin, laser resurfacing rather than excision of skin may be more effective. Some patients have hollow areas or displaced fat in the area of the lower lids rather than an excess of fat. This condition may require either addition of fillers or repositioning of fat to achieve the ideal result. Is a brow lift required either in place of or along with an upper lid procedure? These are the kind of issues Dr. Murphy will discuss with you during your blepharoplasty consultation.

Eyelid Lift Recovery Time

Eyelid operations or blepharoplasties are performed under sedation with local anesthesia. Patients go home following surgery. If eyelid procedures are combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, as they typically are, an overnight stay at The Monarch Retreat may be suggested. Recovery is typically easy but is limited by bruising and swelling as well as some temporary blurriness of the vision. Usually by 5-7 days patients have returned to more normal activities, though it may take up to three weeks for all of the bruising to resolve. Significant complications of eyelid procedures are rare. Scarring is typically barely visible.

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Thank you, Dr. Murphy, for all the excellent care and patience you have given me through two bouts of breast cancer. You have helped me survive and thrive. Thank you to all the wonderful nurses in your office, too. They are always kind, professional and knowledgeable.CB