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Ear Surgery Denver

Surgery for prominent or outstanding ears can be very rewarding for both the patient and the physician. Typically these patients are younger and are brought to the surgeon by their parents. Careful discussion with the patient and the parents is crucial to developing a degree of comfort for the patient and expectations of what the surgery can bring. Many of these younger patients have suffered ridicule by their friends and are eager to see an improvement.

Appropriate Surgical Procedure

A thorough assessment of the anatomy of the ear can bring us to the appropriate surgical procedure. This assessment typically improves looking at 3 areas including a lack of, or minimal formation of the central fold of the ear, an over projection or prominence of the cartilage cup of the ear and excessive protrusion of the entire ear from the base of the skull. These 3 areas are taken into careful consideration when the surgical plan is formulated. Most patients require a modification of all 3 of these areas in order to achieve the optimal result.

Ear Refinement Surgery

In an adult, the surgery can be done under local anesthesia. With younger patients we typically will combine local anesthesia with IV sedation or even general anesthesia depending on the age of the patient. Surgery typically involves an incision behind the ear and possibly on the anterior surface depending on the requirements of the given patient.

Ear Refinement Recovery

A large dressing is applied at the end of the procedure to protect the area of surgery. Within 24 to 48 hours the dressing is typically removed and replaced by an adjustable ski band to help protect the area over the next week or 10 days. After a few days patients have returned to most normal activities although any kind of contact sports or more vigorous activity will have to wait for a number of weeks.

Earlobe reduction and repair

Over the years your earlobes may continue to grow and elongate and sometimes heavy earrings can pull your earlobe down. With judicious incisions and under local anesthesia these defects can be repaired by removal of excess skin resulting in a more pleasing youthful look. These same earrings can also at times cause tears of the earlobes. The resulting cleft can also be repaired under local anesthesia and after six weeks or so the ear can be re-pierced.

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