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Brow Lift Denver

Brow Lift

Gravity and activity of the facial muscles take their effect on the upper facial structures, including the brow and upper eyelid areas. A lowering of the brow over time may lead to some hooding of the lateral upper lid, with deepening of the crows feet. Brow lift surgery can counter the effects of the muscles of facial expression and thus brighten the appearance of your upper eyelids and soften the contours of your brow. Brow lifts can greatly rejuvenate the eye area and make you look less tired. These lifts are very effective at improving your appearance. Brow lifts can let your eyes shine through.

Eyes—The Focal Point of the Face

The eyes are the focal contact of your face; you don’t need that heavy brow obscuring their beauty. With a brow lift, those hooded upper lids are lifted and your eyes will be opened up. People will finally see that upper lid make-up you have been so carefully applying! Wrinkles on your forehead are relieved and crows feet are smoothed. Not just your eyes but your whole facial expression is brightened.

Minimally Invasive

Brow lifts are performed in a variety of ways depending on the desires or requirements of each patient. Typically, however, Dr. Murphy performs them through a minimally invasive approach with small incisions above the hairline on each side or through incisions confined to the upper lid. Brow lifts are frequently combined with facelifts or procedures to release the muscles that pull the brow down or increase the frown lines between the brows (corrugator release).

The Brow Lift Procedure

The brow lift procedure is performed as an outpatient under sedation with local anesthesia. Like a facelift, recovery and return to public life are dictated more by appearance than discomfort. Typically the swelling has adequately resolved within 5 – 7 days and with some judicious use of make-up, many patients return to work at that time. Another week or two is required for full resolution of any bruising. Complications are very uncommon.

Thank you, Dr. Murphy, for all the excellent care and patience you have given me through two bouts of breast cancer. You have helped me survive and thrive. Thank you to all the wonderful nurses in your office, too. They are always kind, professional and knowledgeable.CB