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Male Breast Reduction Denver

Denver gynecomastia surgery for prominence of breast tissue in male patients can offer great improvements in body image and self-confidence. The majority of these gynecomastia patients in Denver, Colorado are younger men who are upset by the prominence of tissue in their breast areas which significantly limits their activities, particularly related to summer activities and sports. They hate the idea of taking off their shirts. They may have been told for years that it will go away but despite waiting they have seen no improvement. Although gynecomastia may be related to more deep-rooted medical issues or certain medications, this is rare. The vast majority of these gynecomastia patients simply have too much tissue, either breast tissue or fat in these areas, that needs to be removed.

In some Denver gynecomastia patients, the prominence is simply due to an excess of fat in the area, and liposuction can take care of the problem. More commonly, the prominence is due to an excess of breast tissue and fat both, and a small incision along the border of the areola (flat part of the nipple) is needed to remove the extra tissue. This gynecomastia surgery is typically combined with liposuction to feather the edges of tissue removal.

Private Surgical Suite

The male breast reduction/gynecomastia surgery is performed in Dr. Murphy’s private office surgical suite under sedation and local anesthesia. After about an hour in recovery patients are discharged to home. A small drain may be placed on each side to help minimize swelling and bruising. It is usually removed after two or three days. After a few days most patients have returned to normal daily activities but should wait for 10 – 14 days before resuming vigorous exercise.

Minimal Risks associated with male breast reduction/gynecomastia surgery

Risks of gynecomastia surgery are minimal and include a very small incidence of infection or bleeding. Numbness over the breast area is typical early on but generally resolves over a few months. Permanent numbness in the area of the nipple is a possibility. Significant scarring in the area of the incision is very rare.

Denver Gynecomastia Consultations

Some gynecomastia surgery candidates are so self-conscious about their appearance related to this condition that they may be reluctant to come in for a consultation. Be assured that Dr. Murphy is committed to making this as comfortable for you as possible. He can offer you a private consultation with him alone; no nurses involved. His private office suite offers you all the anonymity possible. Call today to discuss this surgery.

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Thank you, Dr. Murphy, for all the excellent care and patience you have given me through two bouts of breast cancer. You have helped me survive and thrive. Thank you to all the wonderful nurses in your office, too. They are always kind, professional and knowledgeable.CB