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Body Contouring Denver

Body Contouring Surgery and Shaping

Remember that flat tight tummy and trim thighs you used to have? The effects of pregnancy and weight fluctuations are most evident on your abdomen, buttock and thigh areas.

Advantages of Body Contouring

Watching what you eat and working out regularly are extremely important to regaining or establishing the best look for you. Unfortunately, these modalities can have only minimal effects on the skin and (at times) subcutaneous tissues. That is where body contouring procedures prove their worth. Lax, loose skin on your abdomen, thigh or buttock areas; weakness or loss of tone of the abdominal wall muscles; loss of volume of the buttock area; those pesky areas of fat that won’t go away no matter how hard you try. These are the areas best treated with body contouring procedures.


These are also the issues that can be best addressed by a thorough consultation with Dr. Murphy. His expertise in the field of body contouring is well established in the Denver area, having performed literally thousands of body contouring procedures over the last 15 years. He is a member of the outstanding bariatric surgery team at Swedish Medical Center.

Whether you are concerned about small pockets of excess fat on your lateral thighs or rolls of excess skin on your abdomen and buttocks areas, Dr Murphy is ready to utilize the most appropriate and effective procedures to treat your problem.

Thank you, Dr. Murphy, for all the excellent care and patience you have given me through two bouts of breast cancer. You have helped me survive and thrive. Thank you to all the wonderful nurses in your office, too. They are always kind, professional and knowledgeable.CB